Being Marge: Book 1 of the Shakeology Series

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Book 1 of the Shakeology Series

I just completed Book 1 of the Shakeology series by Darin Olien, the ingredient hunter.

Those who know me would not describe me as someone who is interested in agriculture. However, I could not put down this little book!

Darin Olien travels the globe to find the best in class farmers for the 70 nutritious ingredients in Shakeology. Book 1 of the Shakeology series describes the perils and successes of his travels to Peru for Sacha Inchi, to China for Astragalus Root, to Costa Rica for Papain, and to Canada for Wild Grasses.

The book is entertaining and educational. I had never heard of Sacha Inchi, Astragalus Root or Papain before reading this little travel log. Wow, am I even more impressed with the quality of Shakeology and what's it's doing for my daily nutrition!

Best of all...the book is free with Shakeology Home Direct orders. The sequels are coming soon: Book 2 covers Darin's hunt for world class Goji Berries, Maca Root, Quinoa Seed, and includes a section on Beachbody's programs to help local farmers. Book 3 covers Darin's hunt for Chia, Yacon Powder, Cordyceps, and Amaranth.

Thank you Darin and thank you Beachbody for supporting me in my own wellness program and in providing me with the vehicle for helping others as a Team Beachbody Coach.

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