Being Marge: May 2010

Monday, May 31, 2010

Passion Test Testimonial by Bob Lampard

Bob Lampard of lives in London, England. Bob took The Passion Test with Marge Brown and describes it as "an amazing experience." Bob says he discovered things about himself that he "never would have believed." You can reach Marge via email at

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Behold the AT&T 3G MicroCell

Behold the AT&T 3G MicroCell!

I was excited about getting my new iPhone in April, but it turned out that the AT&T wireless coverage in Brunswick Forest (Leland, NC) was not as good as what I had experienced with Sprint.

Once again my friends at the ATMC Wireless Store in Leland came to my rescue and suggested we purchase and install the 3G MicroCell device. "What's that?" I asked.

It's a device that connects to AT&T's wireless network through our Internet cable service - in our case, Time Warner. It supports up to 4 users at our location so along with mine and Bruce's cell phones we can add 2 visitors at any time. Kids, take note and bring on those iPhones!

It turns out to be like having my own wireless tower on site. I now consistently get 5-bar coverage in and around my home and I'm happily enjoying my iPhone with uninterrupted coverage. Both the voice and data services are supported with this booster device.

Thanks to Eddie, Wade, and company at the ATMC Store and their regional service crew. You guys and gals know how to take care of your customers!

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Butcher, Baker, and Candlestick Maker

Today I was pondering the wide range of businesses we've helped with our SendOutCards distributorship. I just love to think about all the positive cards and gifts that are continuously being sent out from our team members to their friends, family, clients, and colleagues around the world!

Check out the possibilities in the Card and Gift Catalogues at

Plus, we've made so many new friends through this fun business! We've enjoyed sharing all the tips we've learned with creating the most personal and effective cards.

Here's the list so far:
Mortgage brokers
Spa owner
Funeral Chapel
Property Manager
District Attorney
County Sheriff
Chamber of Commerce
Art Gallery Owner
Book Store Owner
Health Insurance Agents
Network Marketers
Property Casualty Insurance Agent
Customer Service Representative
Professional Organizer
Interior Decorator
Glass Art Retailer
Yoga Instructor
Storage Facility Manager
Leadership Coach
Home Schooling Mom
Life and Health Insurance Agent
Car Rental Agency Manager
Social Media Consultant
Business Development Consultant
Domestic Diva
Dog Wash Retailer
Museum Curator
Wreless Service Retailer
Web Designer
Business Consultant
Children's Hair Salon Owner
Music School
Ballet School
Marketing Managers
Home Inspector
Youth Counselor
Kitchen Cabinet Retailer
Web Designer
Auto Service Manager
Ice Cream Store Owner
Soap Maker
Leather Goods Importer
Dental Hygenist
Building Supply Salesman
Staffing Company
Foundation Executive
Financial Analyst
Event Company

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

SendOutCards Treat 'Em Right in Charlotte, NC

Jennifer Altman, Tracy Smith, and me at the lunch break.

David Merrill (right) with his Mom, Janis Holden-Toruno and her husband, Eric.

Koday Bateman, Founder and CEO of SendOutCards

Bruce. Jennifer Altman, and Tracy Smith at the lunch break.

We were happy to meet with some of our key Fat City Cards team members in Charlotte for the SendOutCards Treat 'Em Right on Saturday, May 22nd. There were about 500 in attendance and we were trained in personal development foundation and SendOutCards business fundamentals. A good time was had by all!

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Art Linkletter's humor for the ages

I heard a funny story from an interview with Art Linkletter today. He was interviewing a young boy whose dog had just died. Art tried to console him and reassure him that his dog was in heaven with God. The boy retorted, "What would God want with a dead dog?"

In the interview Art Linkletter was deemed the poster person for living a passionate life. It was easy to hear why when he descibed his careers, family values, personal tragedies, businesses, books, lectures, athleticism, and absolute love of every day of his life. If you want a copy of the interview, just send me an email and I'll share it with you. It's totally inspiring!

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


We have a Brit in our SIMPLE 10K Mastermind group, six entrepreneurs working on their Internet marketing businesses under the tutelage of Bob Jenkins ( You can see him, Bob Lampard, in this photo sitting between me and Bruce on the left side of the bench at the Dixie Grille in Wilmington about a month or so ago.

Each week we have a Mastermind call to help each other bust through obstacles and lend support and cheer each other on as we make big strides in our Internet businesses. Bob loves to use the expression, "Brilliant", which he explained is the American equivalent of "Awesome." He further explained that the Brits only use the expression, "Awesome", for something that is even better than "Brilliant".

So just for fun we decided on the call yesterday that he would say "Awesome" and I would say "Brilliant" at the appropriate moments, without disclosing our game to the others. We definitely had fun with this and at times I had to muffle my laughter everytime Bob exclaimed, "Awesome" to one of his fellow marketers and I told them how "Brilliant" they are!

Don't forget to keep the play in your work and pretty soon it will all be play!

There will be another book in our Personal Mastery series about cultivating your playful side. Stay tuned!

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Passion Test Interviews

Bruce and I have been creating audio interviews with a few of our Passion Test clients as a way to help others understand the benefits of this simple, yet powerful process. I hope you enjoy these interviews from three outstanding women!!

Rhonda Norris

MaryAnn D'Ambrosio

Lisa Rothstein

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Thank You to My Reviewers!

A big thank you to my reviewers for my upcoming book, 31 Days to Create Abundance Through Giving...Grow Your Self in Just One Month, which should be available no later than June 1st!

“Marge hits the nail on the head! I especially like the journal aspect of this book. There are so many good nuggets in this book. Be careful while reading lest you find the entire thing highlighted!”     

Kristen J. Eckstein, Imagine! Studios,, High Point, NC

“Marge helped me to remember that generosity of spirit isn’t necessarily a monetary exchange.”

Gayle Tabor,, Wilmington, NC

"I absolutely love this book! I did #3 and #5 right away, just as you instructed; the reactions of the recipients really made my day!

Bob Jenkins,, Leland, NC

“I will be waiting in line to purchase Marge's book! She has a beautiful way with words and her loving and sincere nature shines throughout!”

Beth Parker Stout, Carolina Beach, NC

“I want you to know that I am on day 6 and the woman has captured my heart…”

Annie Anthony,, Wilmington, NC

“If everyone read this book and implemented just one suggestion in it, the world would be a much happier, more peaceful and friendlier place. “

Lisa Rothstein,, La Mesa, CA

“Giving isn't about getting... it's about knowing that giving creates a circle of abundant positivity that keeps circling right back to you.” Susan Holsinger,, Rossville, IN

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Magnolias Are in Bloom!

We had fun posing by the blossoming Magnolias in Brunswick Forest today!

Thanks, Stan!

My day started well with this comment from Stan Powell on Facebook!

Thanks, Stan!

"I thought Bruce Brown was one of the best networking/social media philosopher writers out there; but his wife Marge is also gonna give him a run for his money! :) A must read when it is released."

He's talking about my upcoming book: 31 Days to Personal Mastery: Create Abundance Through Giving...Grow Your Self in Just One Month.

We're working on it today to get it passed to our publisher, Alfred Poor of Desktop Wings, Inc.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Heart Design

When I design and furnish our dream home, I'm going to consider using this nifty service I discovered today. At I Heart Design (, you can work with three talented designers via the Internet to get a complete design and all the goods you need through their service. Looks like fun to me! I loved scrolling through their Design Styles tool. I lean towards French and Spanish styles - who knew?

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Monday, May 10, 2010

A New Friend!

Today I made a new friend, Annie Anthony, Director of the Cape Fear Volunteer Center.

Annie had reviewed my book in progress, 31 Days to Personal Mastery: Create Abundance Through Giving, and asked to meet for lunch.

She had some excellent thoughts about my book, all of which I will incorporate.

We had a fun time getting to know each other while dining at The Basics, a soul-food restaurant in Downtown Wilmington on Front Street by the Cotton Exchange.

I look forward to getting to know Annie and learning more ways we can help each other in our various initiatives. Thanks Annie, for suggesting lunch! I had a great time!

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Memorable Mother's Day

Although I wasn't able to spend Mother's Day in person with our children or grandchildren, Bruce and I took the day off and had fun!
We took our books to the newly re-opened pool at the Brunswick Forest Wellness Center.
Then we went to Downtown Wilmington to visit with our friends, Joan and Mike Loch, at the Crescent Moon. Downtown was teeming with people due to the Mother's Day restaurant crowd and a throng of tourists from the American Spirit cruise ship docked beside the river walk.

There was one showstopper in the crowd!

It's really important to stop and smell the roses! Thanks again, Liz!

I had a lovely phone conversation with our oldest son, Rich, a lovely and lively conversation with our daughter, Liz, as she drove from Maine to Connecticut with her three beautiful children emoting in the car, and a laugh-filled video conversation with our youngest son, Pete, and his girlfriend, Hailey. All in all, it was a memorable Mother's Day. Thank you, family!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

FREE CD - How to Attract All the Clients You Need!

Fabienne Fredrickson, the Client Attraction Mentor and
founder of has a generous offer (well,
free offer) that I think you'll really enjoy. She developed a
step by step system for attracting clients to your small
business - incorporating all the essential elements needed to
ensure you have clients attracted to you. Fabienne is known
for helping solo-preneuers around the world attract more
clients, make more money and have more time off to enjoy it
all. Fabienne has a FREE audio CD entitled "How to Attract
All the Clients You Need." It retails for $24.95 and she is
giving this away for FREE. Thousands of people have listened
to it and have had dramatic results in their business as a

To get your copy of the free CD, please visit:

In this FREE audio CD Fabienne covers how she developed the
system and reveals her secrets for attracting clients
consistely and having your business work for you, as opposed
to you always working for the business.

Here's that link again:

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Jordan Adler Writes...

One of the best things that happened yesterday (besides receiving the beautiful two dozen roses from Liz) is a card that came in our mailbox from Jordan Adler, the top distributor in SendOutCards. We had sent Jordan copies of Bruce's first three 31 Days Mastery books in appreciation for Jordan's positive testimonial for 31 Days to Networking Event Mastery.

Here is what Jordan said in the card:

"Hey Bruce!
This is long overdue, but I wanted to congratulate you on the launch of your book. I really like it. It's incredibly relevant and easy to digest! I hope to see you when I come to North Carolina for the TreatEmRight on May 21st and 22nd. We're expecting a big crowd.

Thanks for writing your "31 Days" series. Best to you...see you soon!
Your friend, Jordan

It's amazing how a heartfelt card can just make your day!

Thanks, Jordan! We'll see you in Charlotte later this month.

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

I Love You a Bunch!!

Happy Mother's Day! Look at the beautiful bouquet of TWO dozen roses our lovely daughter, Liz sent to me for Mother's Day! What a loving, thoughtful daughter we have! Thanks, Liz! I love you a bunch too!

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Les Brown Quote

I just listened to a Real Life Legends Club interview with Les Brown, who is a very powerful motivational speaker. If you don't have any of his books or tapes in your personal development library, then add some soon!

Here's a quote I really loved from the interview:

"Go find a goal for yourself that's more important than your fears." Les Brown

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


All I could say was, "Wow", when Bruce sent me this early reaction to my next book, 31 Days to Personal Mastery: Create Abundance Through Giving...Grow Your Self in Just One Month ( If I even connected with one person's heart, then the whole book is worth it!


I want you to know that I am on day 6 and the woman has captured my heart, I want to have lunch with her, is she in town? I think she and I have a lot in common. I am not sure you know this but the slogan for the Volunteer Center is Find Time * Make Time * Give Time, while it would fit well with her book she can not borrow it. But I think she has borrowed my mind and heart to write this book. I look forward to getting back to reading it. Just wanted to give her this initial feedback I am sure it is no fun waiting to hear strangers thoughts.


Monday, May 3, 2010

Thanks, Reviewers!

I don't usually want to know who has volunteered to review my books; I let Bruce handle that part of the process. Today he slipped in telling me that Felicia Slattery ( has offered to review my second book, 31 Days to Personal Mastery: Create Abundance Through Giving...Grow Your Self in Just One Month (

Felicia is a "heavy-hitter" in the Internet Marketing world. She spoke at Bob Jenkins' SIMPLE conference ( in Wilmington in February, 2010, and we were extremely impressed with her passion and purpose to coach others to be better communicators. Felicia is an award-winning speaker and she models just how to keep an audience riveted. Thanks, Felicia and to the other book reviewers, who for the moment will remain anonymous!

Form Your Virtual Board of Directors

No one succeeds without help. Not only can you obtain help from people you already know, but you can assemble great minds into a virtual board of directors to guide you along your success path. From my book, 31 Days to Personal Mastery: Manifest Your Ideal Life...Grow Your Self in Just One Month (, here's how it's done!

# 9 Form Your Virtual Board of Directors

What’s a virtual board of directors and why should you have one? It’s an imaginary group of people you admire and who inspire you to be unstoppable in having the life you want. These people can be any historical or modern day folks who you feel would have your best interests at heart and who won’t hold back in guiding you towards your goals.

For example, you might admire Thomas Edison for his determination and Bob Proctor for his ability to teach the scientific method for manifesting wealth. Imagine having them on your personal board along with other great minds! Whenever you feel the need or even on a regular schedule you can assemble your virtual board and submit any obstacle or question that’s holding you back and imagine what advice they would give you.

What would Thomas Edison say if you felt like quitting or what would Bob Proctor tell you if you feel stuck financially? Being quiet is the best way to “hear” the advice from the members of your virtual board.

Take this idea one step further and design the perfect imaginary board room for your board meetings. Is your board room part of your home office, is it a free standing structure near a beautiful beach? Do you have an exquisite gourmet meal with your board after your formal meeting and what does it feel like to socialize with people of their caliber?

This can be one of the most fun and effective regular exercises to implement. You can sketch your board and board room or find photos of your virtual board members and add these to your vision board as a constant reminder that you can tap into the wealth of inspiration from great teachers on a scheduled basis or even in ad hoc meetings.

1. Name 6 people you would name to your virtual board of directors and explain why.
2. Create an agenda for your next board of directors meeting with your virtual board.
3. Make notes as to what you think each board member would suggest for each of your agenda items.
4. Describe your imaginary board room in detail.