Being Marge: October 2012

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ultimate Reset - Big Success!

For the past 21 days, Bruce and I have followed the Team Beachbody Ultimate Reset Program.

These are the reasons most people purchase the Ultimate Reset:
1. Feeling Fatigued
2. Trouble with Digestion
3. Difficulty Losing Weight
4. Chronic Illness
5. Simply Run Down

I did it to remove built up toxins from my system and to lose 5 pounds. I achieved both goals in 21 days and, like many people have reported after completing the Ultimate Reset, I feel more focused and upbeat.

Here are my Top 10 Reasons for Recommending the Team Beachbody Ultimate Reset Program.

1. It's a great way to bond with your family or housemates over cooking. Bruce and I spent many fun hours planning and executing our Ultimate Reset Program and we enjoyed every minute of it!

2. After decades of cooking for my family, I enjoyed trying the new recipes in the Ultimate Reset Program and particularly enjoyed the cooking video that's included in the Start Up material. I would like everyone I know to see this cooking video as a step towards healthier nutrition. It was well done! An example of how I've changed my cooking habits is that I took our vegetable steamer out of the back of the cupboard and now use it almost every day to steam all types of vegetable combinations. I also use the blender more for making delicious hot and cold soups.

3. We had fun shopping for all the healthy foods for the Ultimate Reset Program. We know where to get the best fresh vegetables and fruits and how to keep them fresh longer. We look forward to grocery shopping and trying even more foods going forward. For instance, I bought Bruce some tempeh on the last day of the Reset just to demonstrate that I intend to keep trying new, healthy foods.

4. I feel great and slept soundly all during the Reset phases. The supplements agreed with my system and I can assure anyone considering this program, that it will not keep you parked in the bathroom. That was one of my original concerns and it was gone by day 2.

5. I have stopped grazing or snacking at will during the day, which is difficult when you work from home. Now I have one healthy snack each afternoon, and that's it for me!

6. I did not want to give up coffee when I started the Reset. I was convinced I would get right back to my two cups a day habit on the first day after the Reset ended. Guess what? I have no craving for coffee! I can't believe it myself, but it's true! My new morning routine is to have a large glass of water when I wake up and then a Shakeology drink for breakfast. I'm completely satisfied until lunch.Wow!

7. I'm drinking a lot more water during the day and find that it satisfies occasional hunger pains.

8. Our kitchen and refrigerator are more vibrant with all the beautiful, colorful fresh foods we now keep on hand. They give us a strong feeling of abundance that is overflowing into other aspects of our lives. Not a bad benefit from eating nutritionally!

9. With the Ultimate Reset Program and no exercise for the 21 day period, I lost 5 pounds!! WOHOO!!

10. Last, but not least, the Ultimate Reset Program has established permanent  positive changes in my eating habits and for that I say, Thank you, Team Beachbody!!!

Here's Bruce's blog link on his report and here is my before and after profile.