Being Marge: February 2011

Monday, February 28, 2011

Fat City Cards Delivers!

Our SendOutCards distributorship, Fat City Cards (, delivers what people want!

People Want to:

1. Make Money - With SendOutCards you can create what can become a lucrative side income stream for yourself and your family.

2. Save Money - Send a card with stamp for only $1.04. Stop making trips to the card store and the post office.

3. Save Time - Create and send a personal card with gift in less than one minute.

4. Easy Process - Use the online Contact Database to store all your contact data. Use the campaign card feature to send hundreds of personal cards with a few keystrokes.

5. Feel Good - Experience more feelings of happiness, generosity, well-being, thoughtfulness when you send cards and gifts of appreciation. Never forget a birthday or anniversary again.

6. Smart Decisions - Others will want what you have with SendOutCards.

7. Bigger Network - Join our team and connect to an international company with a culture of teamwork.

8. Popularity - You'll make and keep more friends and clients by sending more personalized cards and gifts.

9. Health - A business and lifestyle based on giving is good for your health.

10. Comfort - Use SendOutCards wherever you have Internet access.

See for yourself at

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Monday, February 21, 2011

31 Tips to Master Your Ideal Life

Here's an excerpt from my first book, 31 Days to Personal Mastery: Manifest Your Ideal Life. For 30 more helpful tips to move you in the direction of your ideal life, go to our 31 Days Books site.

#3 – Exercise Your Positive Feelings
When you decide what you want in your ideal life, the fastest way to manifest it is to put yourself in a state of “Feeling Good”, as if you are living your ideal life right now.
One would expect any person’s ideal life to generate a lot of positive feelings, such as joy, love, excitement, pleasure, fun, satisfaction, gratitude, happiness, enthusiasm, wonder, expectation, awe, generosity, passion, compassion, enjoyment, and inspiration, just to name a few.
If you’re used to approaching your life from your “mind” rather than from your “heart”, faith in the power of positive feelings might feel like a big stretch.
Before you can make your ideal life a reality, become a master of putting yourself in a “Feeling Good” state. If you consciously practice feeling happy, excited, generous, and ready to receive, then you’ll soon be much more aware when you aren’t in a state of feeling positive.
Track your positive and negative emotions for one day. You’ll probably be amazed at the ratio. If your right brain is willing to give this exercise a try, but your left brain is asking for proof that it’s worth your time, then read Positivity by Barbara L. Fredrickson, PhD, who shares how increasing positive emotions to a 3-to-1 ratio over negative emotions is the key to manifesting with emotion.

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Get to "Yes"!

If you answer "Yes" to one of more of these questions, don't waste one more day of your precious life going in the wrong direction and missing out on what could be yours after just two private telephone coaching sessions!

* I would like to be more aware and open to new possibilities.
* I would like more clarity in what's most important to me now.
* I would like to live with more ease, energy, and confidence.
* I would like a tool for better decision-making for the rest of my life.
* I would like more joy in my life.
* I would like to be creating what I want in my life, not what I think I can have.

The Passion Test One-to-One Consultation can get you to "Yes" to all of the above statements.

I would be honored to be your Passion Test Facilitator.

Register here.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Favorite Meal of the Day!

I never thought I would become a shake enthusiast, but here I am, wanting to share my enthusiasm for Shakeology, a delicious and nutritious meal replacement shake.

I just love watching the video with the guy exploring the ends of the earth for all its ingredients.

You can watch it too - just click here.

Our last monthly shipment came with this great cup that has an insert to keep all the fruit pieces on the bottom until you finish the liquid shake. It's a great invention to go with a great shake!

Check it out and pass this on to those you love!

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Testimonial from a Passion Test Client

Here's a heartwarming testimonial I recently received from a client
who completed the Passion Test One to One Consultation.

“Marge, I am so thankful that you are
a part of my life’s journey…

You are GREAT at what you do! I can’t wait
to throw open my arms, and let the Passion in!
I’m excited about the possibilities!


Sandi Justice”

February is Relationship Month. The Passion Test is a wonderful process
to improve your relationship with yourself and make sure you're on the path to fulfilling your life purpose.

Just this morning my husband and I made an important decision by weighing the factors against each of our top 5 passions. It's so true that if every time you're faced with a decision, a choice or an opportunity you choose in favor of your passions, you will have a passionate, joyous life.

When two people in a relationship complete The Passion Test, it's like receiving a user manual for what is most important to each person. If each person then commits to honoring each other's passions, more relationships will stay intact and thrive!

Please visit my Passion Test Web site to learn more!

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Ring of Kindness

The ring of kindness that's created when one greeting card is sent is pretty amazing.

The person who sends the card gets a great feeling. The person who receives the card shares in that feeling. And everyone who observes the act of kindness gets their share of good feelings too.

This latter group can consist of the card designer, printer, mail person, and anyone who sees the card displayed after its opened or just hears about the fact that it was received.

One little piece of paper can have a huge impact in circulating positivity in a negative world.

Do your part and send a card today on me!

Click Here

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Living an Extraordinary Life with Shakeology

Oh no, the bag's almost empty!!!

In the last few weeks, I've made a complete diet turnaround, and as a result am starting to lose a few pounds! This is all thanks to Shakeology, the most nutritious and delicious meal replacement product you can imagine.

Here's a link to check it out in great detail.

All I can say is that when Bruce and I stared at the bottom of the bag today, we started to plan how we would ration the remaining Shakeology until our next shipment arrives. It's going to be tight!

I need to get on my own monthly home delivery now that we've tried it for a few weeks and are both certain that we want to maintain this new regimen with Shakeology for lunch every day.

This is the biggest improvement we've made to our lifestyle in the last year and we want to share it with everyone we know who wants to eat better and lose a few pounds without any effort.

Check it out and pass this on to those you love!

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Improve Your Vocabulary

If you like this sample vocabulary building tip, then get 30 more in my ebook, 31 Days to Personal Mastery: Improve Your Vocabulary, at our Quantum Results Coaching Bookstore.


#16 Word Games
For the four decades of our marriage, my husband has only beaten me at Scrabble® three or four times, and when he prevailed he didn’t let me forget his victory! Scrabble is a classic word game developed in 1931 under the name of Lexico. This popular word game combines crosswords and anagrams, and is one of the best ways to have fun and build your vocabulary at the same time. Playing Scrabble on a regular basis can not only help you grow your vocabulary and definitions, but it’s a fun social activity you can play in person, online, in schools and tournaments, and with friends an family of all ages. It can jump start language abilities with youngsters and stimulate brain usage with the elder generation. It’s portable, doesn’t require any batteries, and comes in a variety of languages and board editions. Plus you can buy Scrabble software, video games, playing cards, workbooks, dictionaries, and strategy books. You can create a lifetime career of mastering just this one word game!

While I’m enthusiastic for the unlimited vocabulary building opportunities with Scrabble, there are other equally challenging and fun word games available in a variety of formats – board games, books, videos, software, cards, and periodicals.

The point is to find interesting word games to stretch your vocabulary, even with abstruse words that you only use in game-playing. The language confidence you build in the word game arena will carry over into your reading, writing, and conversation and boost your overall success.

– a game in which players add or transpose letters to create words

If you like this sample vocabulary building tip, then get 30 more in my ebook, 31 Days to Personal Mastery: Improve Your Vocabulary, at our Quantum Results Coaching Bookstore.

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Do Yourself a Favor in February

Last evening I attended a Business After Hours with our local Chamber of Commerce folks.

During the event one of my Passion Test clients approached me and told me how excited she was that she had taken a bold step in the direction of her passions by enrolling in a Master Gardening class. I was so happy she shared her good news with me and it just reinforced the power of this simple process.

I LOVE coaching people through the Passion Test. Do youself a favor during February, the relationship month, and check out taking the Passion Test either by yourself or with a partner.

You'll be glad you did!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sending Positive Messages Into a Negative World

Today I received an email message from a new friend and fellow coach, Jennifer Tinsman (

"Good Afternoon, Marge and Bruce,
I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful and fun card you send with the lovely Marge and I on the front! I really got a kick out of it."

We love getting messages like these because it motivates us to send out even more positive messages with SendOutCards greeting cards each day.

Over the next 5 years SendOutCards will become an international household name because:

1. It's a product that everyone needs and it costs 1/5 of the conventional retail cost.

2. It's a feel good product for the giver and the receiver.

3. It's fun and easy to use - you can include photos, graphics, and your digital handwriting and signature.

Want to try it yourself?
Be my guest...Click here and let me know what you think of SendOutCards!

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Save Time and Calories with Shakelology

It used to be the case that around lunch time I'd wander into the kitchen to see what to pull together for a quick lunch break. My lunch would usually turn out to be a peanut butter or cold cut sandwich with some fruit and cookies. I'm not a calorie counter but of course I knew I was not having the healthiest lunch possible.

Ever since I started to have a Shakeology drink for lunch each day, I've eliminated all guilt about my lunch diet. In fact, I now consider my Shakeology drink to be my healthiest meal of the day.

The best part for me is choosing which frozen fruit to throw in the blender along with the Shakeology powder - raspberries, bananas, strawberries, blueberries - it's a fun and colorful process!

Lunch takes a lot less time, is way more delicious and nutritious, leaves me with more energy in the middle of the afternoon, has fewer calories, and relieves me of having to invent a meal in the middle of the work day when my mind is on many other things.

I love to cook and can now save my creative efforts for dinner. There are no complaints in our household with this new diet plan. In fact, we are both looking forward to shedding a few more pounds!

This video sums it up for me and I hope for you too!

Click below for a quick testimonial.