Being Marge: Get to "Yes"!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Get to "Yes"!

If you answer "Yes" to one of more of these questions, don't waste one more day of your precious life going in the wrong direction and missing out on what could be yours after just two private telephone coaching sessions!

* I would like to be more aware and open to new possibilities.
* I would like more clarity in what's most important to me now.
* I would like to live with more ease, energy, and confidence.
* I would like a tool for better decision-making for the rest of my life.
* I would like more joy in my life.
* I would like to be creating what I want in my life, not what I think I can have.

The Passion Test One-to-One Consultation can get you to "Yes" to all of the above statements.

I would be honored to be your Passion Test Facilitator.

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