Being Marge: Fat City Cards Delivers!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Fat City Cards Delivers!

Our SendOutCards distributorship, Fat City Cards (, delivers what people want!

People Want to:

1. Make Money - With SendOutCards you can create what can become a lucrative side income stream for yourself and your family.

2. Save Money - Send a card with stamp for only $1.04. Stop making trips to the card store and the post office.

3. Save Time - Create and send a personal card with gift in less than one minute.

4. Easy Process - Use the online Contact Database to store all your contact data. Use the campaign card feature to send hundreds of personal cards with a few keystrokes.

5. Feel Good - Experience more feelings of happiness, generosity, well-being, thoughtfulness when you send cards and gifts of appreciation. Never forget a birthday or anniversary again.

6. Smart Decisions - Others will want what you have with SendOutCards.

7. Bigger Network - Join our team and connect to an international company with a culture of teamwork.

8. Popularity - You'll make and keep more friends and clients by sending more personalized cards and gifts.

9. Health - A business and lifestyle based on giving is good for your health.

10. Comfort - Use SendOutCards wherever you have Internet access.

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