Being Marge: Strolling Through the Forest

Monday, October 24, 2016

Strolling Through the Forest

We live in Brunswick Forest, a 10-year old planned community in Leland, NC. One of the reasons we chose to live here is the amount of beautiful and well-tended green spaces and the emphasis on a wellness lifestyle.

Here are a few photos I took on one day, during my frequent walks through the Forest.

One of our neighbors goes all out each year with Halloween decorations. A few scary creatures sneaked into his front garden!

 And a few more of their relatives invaded his neighbor's yard!

By midday, the mauve ferns in the park were calling me to take some time and sit on the nearby bench for a brief mediation.

And at dusk, the pumpkins cane out of their hiding places behind the bushes!

At sunset, the community gathered in one of the central parks for a picnic and concert, illuminated with pumpkin-shaped lights.

No matter what the season, the Forest never disappoints!