Being Marge: Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Lifestyle Entrepreneur

I finally found the right label for me - Lifestyle Entrepreneur!

Here's the definition I borrowed from Tai Lopez (

A lifestyle entrepreneur starts with a simpler question... "How do
I build a business around the lifestyle I want to live, instead of building my lifestyle around my business?"

Lifestyle entrepreneurs focus on three core things:

1. Freedom of location
Ability to work where and when you want.

2. Low fixed costs
Ability to start and manage the business with low overhead.

3. Flexibility of time
Ability to manage the business with as little time invested as needed.

Here's how these three core things translate for me:

1. Freedom of location - My husband, Bruce, and I, with our dog, Happy, plan to live for six months each year in New England and six months each year in a much warmer climate, either in North Carolina or further south. We're already planning our first summer back in New England in 2017. This is possible because we've kept our work completely portable. We can't wait to reunite with part of our family, revisit favorite places, and explore new locales while we're there.

2. Low fixed costs - All we currently need for our businesses are a few computers and our phones. That's the way we intend to keep it, until such time as we need virtual help. We have had brick and mortar businesses with employees and have decided never to go down that path again.

3. Flexibility of time - It's important for me to be able to go for walks, workout, and cook during the day, when it's most convenient for me. I also love to be able to drop everything for a week if one of our kids calls and needs help with their family. I have been able to do that numerous times over the past several years, since our five grandchildren have arrived.There is no dollar value I can put on this time flexibility.

So whenever anyone asks me what I do for a living, I'll now answer I'm a lifestyle entrepreneur with an online marketing business. This is a dream come true!