Being Marge: What's in Your Greeting Card?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What's in Your Greeting Card?

SendOutCards is exceeding our expectations with new product announcements this year.

First, they introduced the BIG cards, which allow you to create 8.2" x 11.5" custom greeting cards for those BIG occasions when a standard size card is not enough. We've had BIG response from the BIG cards we've sent for special birthdays.

Last week, SendOutCards announced new video cards, which are currently in beta testing and will be available for everyone in a few weeks. This is a very exciting development!

The way the video cards work is that you create your video, post it on the Internet, and then provide a QR (Quick Response) Code, a bar code that is printed in the card and readable by QR Code readers and some camera phones.

If you receive a greeting card with a printed QR Code, you simply scan the code with your camera phone's QR Code Reader application to open the contents of the code. For an informative demo, just log onto the SendOutCards Web site and watch the recent SOCTV broadcast about this new development. Here's the link.

Click on "Previous Shows" to find the show from April 12th.

If you're getting excited about the possibilities of creating your own video greeting cards, and you don't already have your SendOutCards account, just go to and Click on #3, Ways to Get Started. We'd love to have you on our SendOutCards team!

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