Being Marge: Powerful Steps for Creating Your Visions

Monday, April 18, 2011

Powerful Steps for Creating Your Visions

"Billionaires don't care what the odds are. We don't listen to common sense or do what's conventional or expected. We follow our vision, no matter how crazy or idiotic other people think it is." Robert Kiyosaki

I received the above quote from a new friend in Australia (who also sends amazing recipes!). It inspired me to want to write a few words about creating and following your vision.

Some of the most powerful ways I have discovered to actually create your vision include:

1. Connect with your heart and don't listen to your head.
2. Trust that you have connected with the perfect vision for yourself because it
comes from your heart.
3. Write it down in as much detail as possible.
4. Share it with a trusted friend.
5. Add more detail and stay focused on what you want.
6. Watch for signs that it's beginning to manifest.
7. Stay rested so you can be ready for big changes in your life.
8. Add more detail and stay focused on what you want.
9. Stay in a constant state of gratitude for what you have now and what you are manifesting from your vision.
10. Know that it will completely manifest in God's time not in your time.

There is absolutely nothing in this process that has anything to do with what others think of your vision. When you share it with a trusted friend the purpose of that step is to help you get clarification, not to get their opinion of your vision.

If you're in a relationship, it's important to know if your vision is compatible with your partner's, or at least not in competition.

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