Being Marge: Effortless Weight Loss

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Effortless Weight Loss

Aside from having to drop a few pounds after each pregnancy, I've never focused on my own weight loss as a major project. In January, 2011, I decided it was time to do so, because I was not happy with what I was seeing on the scale. Those 10 pounds that moved in to stay over the past few years were no longer welcome!

With the launch of our new Team Beach Body business, we followed Step 1 of the Success Game Plan and became products of the product. That means we started to use Shakeology each day as a meal replacement for our lunch and we started to use Beach Body's home fitness programs. You can't share products effectively unless you've experienced them yourself - your own testimonial is the most powerful sales tool you have.

I know, after three months, my six pound weight loss is directly related to my daily Shakeology. I really haven't worked up a noticeable sweat with any workouts yet (that day is coming!), but I have enjoyed the effortless weight loss as a result of my daily shake.

Tonight when we attend a local Chamber event, I will wear pants I haven't been able to wear for a few years! Now that's an exciting development. I'm looking forward to wearing a few more pieces of clothing I'd pushed to the back of my closet.

I'm moving on from the 30-minute to the 50-minute Shakeology workout tomorrow. Wish me luck! (I'm taking baby steps, I know, on my way to facing the ultimate home workout, P90X.)

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