Being Marge: Peter and Hailey

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Peter and Hailey

We had a super time with our youngest son, Peter, and his girlfriend, Hailey, who just visited us for a few days. They live in Dallas, where it's hotter than in Wilmington. We had fun showing them downtown Wilmington, historic Fort Fisher, Mayfaire, and the place they loved the most - Wrightsville Beach! We couldn't get them out of the water! They had a ball surfing and playing in our warm Atlantic waves.

This was our first opportunity to meet Hailey, and now we know why Peter followed her from San Francisco to Dallas! They are a great pair and we're so glad they came to Wilmington to play with us for a few days. We enjoyed our break too!

Peter, is our son with the graphics design talent who designed our book covers. We are grateful for and so proud of his contribution, which you can see at

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