Being Marge: Dancing with the Brunswick County Stars

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dancing with the Brunswick County Stars

The common denominator with all the couples in the Dancing with the Brunswick Stars event last night was a willingness to get out of their comfort zones, have a lot of fun, be entertaining, and contribute in a big way to Brunswick Community College. Does a fundraiser of almost $275,000 catch your attention! Well that's what these folks were able to do with their individual, dance couple, and group energy to help their community.

I was so proud of my mate, Bruce, for his new tap dancing skills that were brought forth through the patient training of his professional dance partner, Kim Boggs. Way to go Bruce and Kim!

Let's all take a clue from these unselfish community spirits who showed us how it's done last night - from their big dance steps to their big hearts in promoting educational opportunities in Brunswick County!