Being Marge: Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Lifestyle Entrepreneur

This is my new title: Lifestyle Entrepreneur. It perfectly describes what I am doing at this stage of my life.

Here is the definition of Lifestyle Entrepreneur and why it applies to me.

A Lifestyle Entrepreneur focuses on three core things.

1. Freedom of location

I can live and work anywhere I chose. That's an amazing reality! My virtual coaching and online marketing businesses are expanding, which will allow me to live in New England for the summer and somewhere warmer in the winter. That freedom of location is quickly taking shape; I will be vacationing with my husband in Maine next summer. We can't wait!

2. Low fixed costs

I am the budget-master for our household and am dedicated to controlling our costs, investing for wealth-building, and enjoying our life along the way. 

3. Flexibility of time

I manage my time to fit my lifestyle, so I have flexibility to handle personal, business, and family needs as they arise.

For my entire 22-year career in corporate America, I dreamed of being a Lifestyle Entrepreneur. Dreams do come true if you stay focused on your goal!