Being Marge: Fiber-Optic Cables Installed on Our Street

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Fiber-Optic Cables Installed on Our Street

For the past few months, this sign has been slowly moving through our neighborhood. ATMC is installing fiber-optic cable in our large planned community. We're very excited, because we're going to get faster Internet service, which is a big perk for two work-from-home entrepreneurs like me and my husband.

During my walk this morning, I spotted several new trucks and a lot more cable!

The workers are friendly, and like the truck says, very focused to get the job done on time.

There are markings all over the street, sidewalks, and lawns. No doubt, their job is challenging because they have to work around all the existing underground utilities. This particular sidewalk mark, did give me pause for concern! I hope my neighbor's water line isn't compromised!

We should have fiber-optic cable installed directly to our house no later than Thanksgiving, just in time to add it to my gratitude list!