Being Marge: Why Team Beachbody is a Great Fit for My Top 5 Passions!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Why Team Beachbody is a Great Fit for My Top 5 Passions!

Why Team Beachbody is a great fit for my top 5 passions:

1. Loving, creating and having fun with Bruce.

* Bruce and I are soul mates. I love him and I love his commitment to Team Beachbody. We are on this journey together.

* We have different personalities, passions, and skills. Through many years of discovery and practice we have learned to combine our respective talents to create more and more for our community and our family. Team Beachbody is yet another vehicle for us to continue to create together.

* Team Beachbody has brought a new element of fun and enthusiasm to our marriage. We compare our new svelte bodies, encourage each other to keep getting stronger and healthier, and honor each other's personalities in this process. We're getting younger each day!

2. Loving and playing with kids, grandkids, and friends.

* I have made new friends since joining Team Beachbody. These are people who share my passions for getting physically and financially fit. I'm grateful for these new friends and look forward to meeting more like them!

* So far we have enrolled two of our three adult children in our Team Beachbody business. Our daughter and her family love Shakeology and we've worked out with our grandkids! How fun is that! We look forward to leaving a Team Beachbody business as a legacy to our extended family.

* It's important to me to model a healthy lifestyle to others family members and friends who might decide to join us on our Team Beachbody journey when the time is right for them!

3. Enjoying excellent physical, spiritual, emotional and mental health.

* Since becoming a Team Beachbody Coach, I have lost 17 pounds and have stopped taking prescription drugs to lower my cholesterol. I feel great, have plenty of energy, and am looking forward to mastering more demanding physical workouts in 2012.

* Feeling good is the key to achieving all your dreams. When I feel good physically, I notice a positive impact on my mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

* Since I have unlimited potential to feel better and better in all these areas of my life, I intend to enjoy feeling good to a greater and greater extent. That's how I know all my dreams will come true!

4. Living a life of financial freedom and abundance.

* A TBB business offers me unlimited income based on my commitment, consistency, excitement, leadership, being a product of the product, and an unwavering desire to help people.

* A TBB business offers me a flexible lifestyle - the ability to work from anywhere. I'm my own boss and own my own business. We are already creating the lifestyle of our dreams around our Team Beachbody business.

* A TBB business offers me the chance to continue to grow personally and professionally in order to achieve abundance in all areas of my life.

5. Leading and inspiring others to achieve their Why.

* I can use my special gift as a Certified Passion Test Facilitator to help TBB coaches discover their Why and stay connected to their Why as they grow their business.

* Because of my lifelong commitment to personal development, I can help others become more aware of obstacles that are keeping them from their goals, help them focus on what they want, create an action plan, and make their dreams a reality too!

* By following my own passions and achieving my own dreams, I am inspiring others to do the same.

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