Being Marge: 31 Days to Network Marketing Mastery

Monday, October 3, 2011

31 Days to Network Marketing Mastery

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#1–Your Big Why

Your dreams are precious. It’s no accident that you’ve chosen network marketing as the mechanism to allow you to fulfill your dreams.

Your dream is what surfaces for you when you are quiet and connect with your heart to describe what your life would look like with the full expression of your success. Goals are the stepping stones you need to accomplish to manifest your dream. Marcia Weider, Founder and CEO of Dream University (, aptly describes this process as follows: “Put your stake in the ground and then put yourself in a relationship with that stake!”

Start with the end result. Describe what your destination looks like as if you are already there and why you want to arrive there. How will it feel? Put yourself in that place. Focus on what brings you joy, not on what brings you relief. This is a very important distinction to connect to your heart.

Share your dream with your sponsor with positive emotion and paint clear images with your words so you communicate where you are going with your network marketing business. Together you can then create a powerful action plan to make your dream come true. As your business grows, add more specific details to the picture of your end result. Continue to share those with your sponsor.

When you sign up a new distributor, guide them through this same process so you have a clear image of their dream and motivation.

Keep a strong belief that if you have this dream then the means to accomplish it already exists. Your job is to stay in touch with your dream and to stay in action with your business with feelings of joy and service.

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