Being Marge: Networking Event Tips

Monday, May 23, 2011

Networking Event Tips

I'd like to share the testimonials my husband and business partner, Bruce Brown, received for his business coaching book, 31 Days to Networking Event Mastery.

From Jordan Adler, author of Beach Money and #1 Team Builder and Money Earner in SendOutCards:
" Bruce Brown nails it in this book. Your network is your most valuable asset and this simple book wastes none of your time. Although the principles are foundational, most business people miss their greatest opportunities to meet people and make quality connections. I will recommend Bruce's book to all of my 48,000 networkers.''

From John Milton Fogg, author of The Greatest Networker:
"Bruce Brown knows networking inside and out, and this book will soon become your secret edge in marketing your business. Implement just a handful of the 31 tips in this quick guide and I guarantee you will see better results from your next networking event!"

One more...
From Curtis Lewsey, co-author of Appreciation Marketing:
"31 Days to Networking Event Mastery is a must read, especially in this day and age with so many business professionals in desperate need to reinvent themselves. There are 31 excellent tips that cost little to no money to implement."

Don't attend another business networking event without reading 31 Days to Networking Event Mastery first!

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