Being Marge: Six Ways to Build Your Self-Esteem

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Six Ways to Build Your Self-Esteem

Last night Bruce and I covered 12 Ways to Build Your Self-Esteem on our weekly Bruce and Marge Live! FREE coaching teleseminar.

Here are the first six tips we discussed.

1. Raise your self awareness– Commit to learning and loving as much as possible in gratitude for the gift of life. Participate in your life fully. Vitalize those around you. Be ready for the good times waiting to happen but be present in the now. Let go of the past. It does not serve you in your quest to live consciously on life’s journey. Never measure your progress against others – only compare today to the day before and up your efforts to boost your self awareness.

2. Choose to believe in yourself – Take charge of your own beliefs and own the fact that you can accomplish anything you can imagine that you want to do. You might need coaching, training and practice in whatever it is, but if you can imagine it then you can achieve it. If you believe that something is possible than you’ll do what’s necessary to bring it about. Throw your knapsack over the fence and then jump to follow your dream. Begin. Get into action to make your dream come true. Have a sense of urgency. Be open to those invisible hands that will guide you, unexpected doors to open, and people who show up to help you.

3. Focus on your successes of the past to boost your confidence that you will have more successes in the future. Convince yourself that you’re a successful person. You’ll then make more attempts and boost your chances of future success. Many famous sports figures like Michael Jordan and Babe Ruth were notorious for taking the most shots, missing the most attempts, and also breaking all time records. Don’t be afraid of making errors. Go with the flow and always see yourself as successful.

4. Jack Canfield’s mirror exercise – Jack Canfield, the famous success guru, recommends giving yourself daily acknowledgement by making eye contact with yourself in a mirror and talking to yourself with great sincerity about all the small things you appreciate about yourself each day. This helps to crowd out all your negative self-talk.

5. Be authentic – This means tell the truth. If you think you’re protecting others’ feelings by not coming forth with the truth, then you’re hiding from your own feelings. The more you get in the habit of telling the truth the more free you become.

6. Keep your commitments – This is so important because ultimately the commitments we make to others are commitments to ourselves. These include big and large commitments. For example, if you tell your kids that you’ll fund their college education, then do it. If you tell someone you’ll meet them at a coffee shop at 10:00 a.m., then be there. Every time you keep a commitment, you’re growing your self-esteem.

To be continued in the next post...

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