Being Marge: Bruce and Marge Live! Call Archive

Monday, October 11, 2010

Bruce and Marge Live! Call Archive

On Saturday, October 9th, I received an email from a client telling me how one of our recorded teleseminars helped her and her husband get back on track with their passion lists.

" My husband and I just got through listening to your teleseminar on being aligned with your passions. Enlightening indeed. I am redoing my passion list and my husband said he needs to read some more in the book and then do his list. I enjoyed hearing the dialogue between you two because it not only gives a man/woman approach, but it also gives different types of personalities.

Thanks Marge for the link to the teleseminar and the encouragement we felt from listening to it. You two are making a difference in this world and thank you for making a positive difference in our lives.

Here's a list of our previously recorded teleseminars that are FREE to all.
Bruce and Marge Live!
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2. Passions Lead to Profit – the Formula in Action
(original call date August 5, 2010)
3. Making the Most of Live Networking Events
(original call date August 10, 2010)
4. Manifest Your Ideal Life
(original call date August 12, 2010)
5. Essential Social Media for Entrepreneurs
(original call date August 17, 2010)
6. GAR – Gratitude, Attitude, and Readiness
(original call date August 19, 2010)
7. Ask Bruce and Marge (submitted Q and A)
(original call date August 24, 2010)
8. Authentic Goal Setting
(original call date August 26, 2010)
9. Transform Your Work into Play
(original call date September 7, 2010)
10. Tips on Working with Your Spouse
(original call date September 14, 2010)
11. Business Social Media Strategy
(original call date September 21, 2010)
12. De-Mystifying Self-Hypnosis, A Tool Everyone Can Use
(original call date September 28, 2010)
13. How to Stay Aligned with Your Passions
(original call date October 5, 2010)

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