Being Marge: Simplify!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Simplification has a lot to do with making your work life more fun. The more complicated your products, services, and processes, the more they weigh you down and leave little room for lightness.

Start with your products and services. Put yourself in your prospects' shoes and look at what you're offering in terms of how clearly you present what you're providing, the benefits to your clients, your pricing structure, and your guarantees. The confused mind says, "No." Find ways to simplify your product portfolio, service structure, related pricing schedules, and guarantees. The result will be a more streamlined sales process for you and an easier buying process for your clients.

The easier you make the overall buying process for your prospects, the more business you will acquire. For example, look at your Web site and be sure your product and service descriptions are well organized and that the "Buy" buttons are large and displayed at the top, middle, and bottom of your sales pages. It's more fun to go through the Speed Checkout with a few buying decisions than managing a cart load of purchases. Simplify your clients' interface with you as much as possible, and you'll both enjoy doing business together.

Many of the processes you use in your work environment are probably home grown. Reviewing internal processes to bring more fun into your work day is not a glamorous proposition. However, the rewards can be long-term and instantly noticeable on your work fun meter. For example, develop a sales reward board for yourself that shows the exact things you will earn for specific sales levels achieved, such as a bottle of expensive perfume, a new set of Egyptian cotton sheets, or a new surf board. Your sales meetings will be more fun when you focus on your goals instead of focusing on sales obstacles.

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