Being Marge: Create Abundance Through Giving

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Create Abundance Through Giving

Here's an excerpt from my book, 31 Days to Personal Mastery: Create Abundance Through Giving.

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#12 Play Big

Are you a gifted woodworker, organizer, potter, writer, singer, barista, parent, bridge player, tax preparer, car restorer, or tri athlete? There are people who aspire to have a fraction of your talent or want to know more about what you do best, and you can find way to give to them. You don’t have to be a world-class expert at something to be open to sharing your gift – a willingness to give is all it takes.

Many schools are looking for experts to participate in career days to educate and inspire their students. Most senior centers and large residential communities have program directors that are looking for experts to conduct workshops for their members. These types of activities require little time, and you’ll boost your confidence and make new friends in the process of giving.

You can take your expertise to your recipients or have them come to you. For example, if you’re a veteran tri athlete with a list of tips and slide show, you can easily share your expertise in many settings. If you’re an experienced potter with your own kiln and studio, then you’ll need to invite others into your space for a presentation and tour.

It wasn’t until I had aptitude testing through the Johnson O’Conner Research Foundation ( in my early thirties that I became aware that I have the gift of ideaphoria, the ability to generate a lot of ideas at a rapid rate. The realization that not everyone has this aptitude to the same degree (I scored off their charts!) definitely motivated me to want to develop my natural gift through my writing. When you enthusiastically and willingly share your expertise, you’re giving away your unique self.

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