Being Marge: A Memorable Mother's Day

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Memorable Mother's Day

Although I wasn't able to spend Mother's Day in person with our children or grandchildren, Bruce and I took the day off and had fun!
We took our books to the newly re-opened pool at the Brunswick Forest Wellness Center.
Then we went to Downtown Wilmington to visit with our friends, Joan and Mike Loch, at the Crescent Moon. Downtown was teeming with people due to the Mother's Day restaurant crowd and a throng of tourists from the American Spirit cruise ship docked beside the river walk.

There was one showstopper in the crowd!

It's really important to stop and smell the roses! Thanks again, Liz!

I had a lovely phone conversation with our oldest son, Rich, a lovely and lively conversation with our daughter, Liz, as she drove from Maine to Connecticut with her three beautiful children emoting in the car, and a laugh-filled video conversation with our youngest son, Pete, and his girlfriend, Hailey. All in all, it was a memorable Mother's Day. Thank you, family!