Being Marge: Form Your Virtual Board of Directors

Monday, May 3, 2010

Form Your Virtual Board of Directors

No one succeeds without help. Not only can you obtain help from people you already know, but you can assemble great minds into a virtual board of directors to guide you along your success path. From my book, 31 Days to Personal Mastery: Manifest Your Ideal Life...Grow Your Self in Just One Month (, here's how it's done!

# 9 Form Your Virtual Board of Directors

What’s a virtual board of directors and why should you have one? It’s an imaginary group of people you admire and who inspire you to be unstoppable in having the life you want. These people can be any historical or modern day folks who you feel would have your best interests at heart and who won’t hold back in guiding you towards your goals.

For example, you might admire Thomas Edison for his determination and Bob Proctor for his ability to teach the scientific method for manifesting wealth. Imagine having them on your personal board along with other great minds! Whenever you feel the need or even on a regular schedule you can assemble your virtual board and submit any obstacle or question that’s holding you back and imagine what advice they would give you.

What would Thomas Edison say if you felt like quitting or what would Bob Proctor tell you if you feel stuck financially? Being quiet is the best way to “hear” the advice from the members of your virtual board.

Take this idea one step further and design the perfect imaginary board room for your board meetings. Is your board room part of your home office, is it a free standing structure near a beautiful beach? Do you have an exquisite gourmet meal with your board after your formal meeting and what does it feel like to socialize with people of their caliber?

This can be one of the most fun and effective regular exercises to implement. You can sketch your board and board room or find photos of your virtual board members and add these to your vision board as a constant reminder that you can tap into the wealth of inspiration from great teachers on a scheduled basis or even in ad hoc meetings.

1. Name 6 people you would name to your virtual board of directors and explain why.
2. Create an agenda for your next board of directors meeting with your virtual board.
3. Make notes as to what you think each board member would suggest for each of your agenda items.
4. Describe your imaginary board room in detail.