Being Marge: Brilliant!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


We have a Brit in our SIMPLE 10K Mastermind group, six entrepreneurs working on their Internet marketing businesses under the tutelage of Bob Jenkins ( You can see him, Bob Lampard, in this photo sitting between me and Bruce on the left side of the bench at the Dixie Grille in Wilmington about a month or so ago.

Each week we have a Mastermind call to help each other bust through obstacles and lend support and cheer each other on as we make big strides in our Internet businesses. Bob loves to use the expression, "Brilliant", which he explained is the American equivalent of "Awesome." He further explained that the Brits only use the expression, "Awesome", for something that is even better than "Brilliant".

So just for fun we decided on the call yesterday that he would say "Awesome" and I would say "Brilliant" at the appropriate moments, without disclosing our game to the others. We definitely had fun with this and at times I had to muffle my laughter everytime Bob exclaimed, "Awesome" to one of his fellow marketers and I told them how "Brilliant" they are!

Don't forget to keep the play in your work and pretty soon it will all be play!

There will be another book in our Personal Mastery series about cultivating your playful side. Stay tuned!

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