Being Marge: The Holiday Season is No Excuse to Gain 10 Lbs.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Holiday Season is No Excuse to Gain 10 Lbs.

Since becoming a Team Beachbody Coach, I've adopted a wellness lifestyle. I opened myself to learn more about exercise and diet, and I'm incredibly grateful for all the positive lifestyle changes I’ve made. 

I made a pact with myself to not allow the holiday season become an excuse to gain 10 lbs.

Holiday festivities are already in full swing for most of us. That doesn’t mean it’s inevitable that you’ll gain weight during the holiday season. Here are some practical tips to help me and you stay on course.


Of course, the MOST effective fitness strategy to control weight gain is to exercise regularly and eat nutritional meals and snacks. On that note, there’s still time to gift yourself and/or a loved one with a Beachbody Challenge Pack.

Try lighter versions of your favorite holiday recipes, such as this one for the classic green bean casserole.

 May your holiday season be filled with fun and zero weight gain!