Being Marge: Review of the Article: How to Get Fit Fast: Yes It is Possible!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Review of the Article: How to Get Fit Fast: Yes It is Possible!

We all know there is no silver bullet for fitness, but learning and applying a few proven tips can certainly help!


How to Get Fit Fast: Yes It Is Possible!

By on May 29, 2015
All of us want to be healthy and fit, but many of us would like to see some decent results in a shorter period of time. We want to know the tips and tricks to get some results. We want to know “How to Get Fit Fast”. Seeing results in a couple of weeks and seeing your body starting to change within a month or so, will help to keep you motivated and you will be more likely to keep going. At the same time, you need to make sure that you are keeping a balanced regimen and not overdoing it, as this can be counterproductive.
So what does it take to keep balance in nutrition and exercise, while still producing quick results? It really just comes down to your commitment and these few quick and easy tips.
A Balance of Cardio and Resistance Training: It has been scientifically proven time and again that having a balance of cardio exercise and resistance training, coupled with balance and flexibility training will create the greatest results. However, everyone is different so you will need to find the best balance for your body. The best way to do this is to utilize a program that has a pretty equal balance of cardio exercise days with strength/resistance training days.
Women, there is no reason to be worried about resistance training. You will not gain big bulky muscles with a balance cardio and resistance plan that utilizes the appropriate weights. Same goes for you men. Don’t think doing cardio is going to keep you from building the muscular physique that you desire. When you choose the right weights you can lose that fat, and put on the muscle you want.

How to Get Fit Fast: Yes It Is Possible!

It would be suggested that you spend a minimum of 21 days on a specific program to see how your body is responding. After the 21 days you may decide if your body seems to respond better to a few more days of cardio or resistance training and make changes to your program as necessary. Though it is highly suggested to have a minimum of two days per week that is resistance training. The 21 Day Fix is a great program to consider when starting out. It is perfectly balanced to provide results.
Consume a Balanced Nutrition Plan: If you want your muscles to repair and recover faster you need to have balanced nutrition. Balanced nutrition consists of portion control, and 4-6 servings of vegetables, 2-3 servings of fruit, 4-6 servings of lean proteins, 2-4 servings of high fiber grains, and 1-3 servings of healthy fats. The servings are determined by your total calorie consumption needed on a daily basis. A clean balanced nutrition plan will aid in weight loss, and help build lean muscle.
Within your balanced nutrition plan you will really want to put emphasis on vegetables and fruit. Remember that these should lead your plate. When your body has the nutrients it needs, your body can process the proteins better as well. This will create a healthier body inside and out, help keep your energy levels up, and overall aid in weight loss and muscle recovery.
Additionally, you could add a meal or snack replacement shake that also provides complete nutrition, like Shakeology. This will keep your nutrient levels at a proper level, increase your energy, provide you a high-quality source of lean protein, and all of your vitamins and minerals. You may want to consider some of these quality nutrition plans when to help you out. You will find complete balance in the 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme, or other Beachbody Programs that offer similar nutrition plans.
Do Something You Enjoy: There are a number of different programs, regimens, and activities that you can do that could create results. However, choosing a program, regimen or activities that you enjoy will make all the difference. Keep in mind that having a regimen with numerous different activities and exercises may create greater results. Let’s face it, it gets boring you spend a full hour on a treadmill or elliptical trainer. It is much more effective to participate in a program/regimen that is 30-40 minutes of highly effective cardio and resistance training that you enjoy.
An incredible option would be to take a look at Beachbody On-Demand. You can subscribe and gain access to over 150 different streaming workout videos that you can choose based on your interests and do in any location. So there is no getting bored since you can just pick a different program or workout every day if you so choose. Beachbody On-Demand also gives you an incredible variety of on-line tools like meal planners, shopping list, workout logs, and support from a Beachbody Coach at no additional cost!
What are you waiting for! You now have these quick and easy tips to start getting results right away. Start losing weight or building muscle, and create that healthy body you have always wanted.!99