Being Marge: Review of Article: A Rockin' Low-Fat Diet Plan for You

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Review of Article: A Rockin' Low-Fat Diet Plan for You

Very encouraging article to read and SHARE. Start programming yourself to include healthier choices.They'll add up and soon you'll be living the healthy lifestyle of your choice.

A Rocking Low Fat Diet Plan for You!

By on May 10, 2015
Let’s face it:  diets are boring, and the phrase, Rocking Low Fat Diet Plan“, it just doesn’t sound right, does it…
It doesn’t take long before you’re missing your favorite foods, wishing that you had never started this stupid plan anyway, and wondering just how many “cheat days” are acceptable before it’s considered giving up completely.  Low fat diet plans can feel particularly difficult to live with–especially if your favorite foods are bacon, chocolate, and cake (not necessarily in that order).  Thankfully, there are plenty of ways you can put together a low fat diet plan that you can live with–and one that will work for you.
Don’t eliminate your favorite foods.  
Instead of denying yourself all of your favorite foods, which often leads you to splurge when you finally get the chance to eat whatever you want, consider looking for lower-fat alternatives.  For example, if your favorite meal is a big, greasy cheeseburger, check out a turkey burger instead.  Don’t think any junk food meal is complete without a heaping plate of fries?  Try this healthy sweet potato fries recipe, and you might just discover a new favorite.  You’ll be surprised by how many healthy alternatives to your favorite treats there really are out there–and before you know it, you may even discover that you like the healthy alternatives better.  

A Rocking Low Fat Diet Plan for You!

Can’t find a healthy alternative to your favorite treat, or think that the “real” version tastes about a hundred times better?  Allow yourself to continue to enjoy it both regularly and in moderation.  A small taste of your favorite treat on a regular basis will help keep you from splurging when you finally do get your hands on it, and knowing that you have your favorite treat to look forward to will help keep the rest of your eating habits under control. 
Shake it up! 
Consider a meal replacement shake or smoothie option that will let you have a fantastic treat without piling on the calories.  Meal replacement shakes can be made to taste just as good as a milkshake.  Need a little help getting started with a recipe that you’ll love?  Check out our collection of 101 Healthy Shake Recipes, which will allow you to try out a new shake recipe every day if that’s what you want.  
Don’t forget your healthy fats.  
When you’re on a low-fat diet, you may be wary of consuming any fats at all.  There’s a difference, however, between “healthy fats” and “unhealthy fats,” and you should be careful to remember the difference in your diet.  Avocados and coconut oil are two examples of healthy fats that certainly shouldn’t disappear from your diet; just remember to use them in moderation.
Remember portion control.  
Restaurant meals have gotten steadily larger, as has the American idea of an acceptably-sized meal.  It’s no coincidence, either, that the average American waistline has increased along with portion size.  The linked article has some great tips on keeping your portion sizes reasonable and your waistline slimmer.  
Don’t forget to exercise.  
While the weight loss battle is ultimately won or lost in the kitchen, your activity level will have a great deal to do with your final results.  The Beachbody On Demand library has a fantastic selection of 150 streaming workout videos that you can choose at your discretion, working out at home or on the road when it’s convenient for you.  
No matter what your low fat diet plans, remember:  you’re beautiful!  While losing weight and getting in shape is a great goal, it’s important to remember that your body is beautiful just as it is, and that you are fantastic the way you are.  As you go down the road of your weight loss journey, there will be peaks and valleys, successes and failures–and all of them are part of what makes you who you are.