Being Marge: The Ultimate Connector

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Ultimate Connector

May 8th is the anniversary of my engagement to Bruce Brown. I only knew him for 13 days when he proposed. I would have said yes even sooner, but we didn't want to be too impulsive! Even just out of college, Bruce was the ultimate connector and man of influence (lucky for me!).

In honor of our almost 44 years together, today I would like to dedicate this blog post to Bruce and highlight one of his most practical and helpful coaching books.

I've have had so many people tell me Bruce's book, 31 Days to Networking Event Mastery, 2nd Edition, has helped them develop the art of give and take at business networking events.

If you're one of those people who needs expert coaching on what to do at your next business networking event, then I highly recommend this book. Bruce Brown is known as a professional networker in the Wilmington, NC area. He would love nothing more than to have folks all over the world implement his tips to strengthen interpersonal connections and help people grow their businesses the right way!

Here is one of my favorite testimonials:

"31 Days to Networking Event Mastery" by Bruce Brown is an inspiring and powerful book that will teach you how to make the most of business social networking opportunities. The 31 tips -- one each day for a month -- teach you what you need to know to help make valuable new connections that will help both you and your business grow. This second edition is expanded with personalization and action plan pages. "Enjoyable read. No-nonsense clarity and proven things that work (when you work them)." John Milton Fogg, author of "The Greatest Networker" "31 Days to Networking Event Mastery" is a must read, especially in this day and age with so many business professionals in desperate need to reinvent themselves. There are 31 excellent tips that cost little to no money to implement." Curtis Lewsey, co-author of "Appreciation Marketing"

To my wonderful husband, Bruce Brown! Happy Engagement Anniversary!