Being Marge: BIG Ideas for BIG Cards

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

BIG Ideas for BIG Cards

I chose this topic this week because SendOutCards (we’re independent distributors) just announced a new BIG card feature that’s full of possibilities for helping our clients live more extraordinary lives.

You have to see the SendOutCards announcement page to get the idea!

Here's the link.

Bruce's video testimonial is at the top of the right column on the SendOutCards announcement Web page. He loves the spotlight!

We thought it would be fun to share some ideas on how to use the BIG cards for both personal and business occasions to build more positive relationships and celebrate peoples’ lives in a BIG way – because we all deserve it!


1. One of the first reasons to use BIG cards for personal occasions is to help those with failing eyesight. Marge’s father and Bruce’s mother were both challenged with poor eyesight and they would have loved receiving BIG cards with big fonts and big photos that they could see without straining or having to use their special readers or glasses. It’s a very thoughtful way to be helpful in a big way!

2. BIG cards are useful when you want to express a positive emotion in a BIG way. If you want some to feel your love, congratulations, thank you, welcome, miss you, apology, encouragement, or appreciation message in a BIG way, then be sure to send a BIG card!

3. If you’re manifesting your ideal life, then you most likely have a vision board. We hope you’re thinking BIG! Take a photo of your vision board and send yourself a BIG card so you can carry your BIG dreams (and the positive feelings they evoke) with you wherever you go.

4. Any BIG occasion warrants a BIG card. Use your special photos from a wedding, baptism, graduation, reunion, or birthday party to capture and share memories in a BIG way!

5. Make someone feel really special and important with a BIG card. Surprise a small child or someone who goes out of their way to give you excellent service with a BIG card to make them feel noticed in a BIG way.

6. Showcase a special creation, such as a photo, piece of artwork, poem, or meal with a BIG card to show off your talents or those of another.

7. Keep memories alive in a BIG way from a special vacation or trip.

8. Express yourself with a signature style and become known for sending BIG cards.

9. Life is full of big announcements that deserve BIG cards, such as a new home, an engagement, a new job or promotion, or a new baby.

10. Give yourself a big pat on the back with a BIG card listing all the things you love about yourself. There’s a great way to boost your self-esteem.


1. When your business launches a new product or service, send a BIG announcement card to your best clients.

2. Use BIG cards to display special menus or lists of services at your place of business.

3. Send a BIG welcome a new employee or colleague with a special BIG card.

4. When someone you work with goes the extra mile, send a BIG recognition card for him or her to proudly display.

5. Offer a BIG thank you to a special/new client or someone who has sent you a BIG referral.

6. When you hear of someone’s notable success in business, send a BIG congratulations card to signify their BIG accomplishment.

7. Take a BIG card to a networking event or a coffee shop for a conversation opener

8. When you’re prospecting, send a BIG Most Wanted card to a prospective client.

9. When you’re hiring and recruiting, send a BIG Most Wanted card to a prospective employee.

10. If you’re applying for a job or a freelance contract, send a BIG card with all your selling points so your recipients can get to know you in a BIG way.

Bonus - 11.. Send someone in your business network a BIG, unexpected card just because you want to celebrate their life.

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