Being Marge: Review of article: 7 Tips for Busy Moms How to Exercise at Home

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Review of article: 7 Tips for Busy Moms How to Exercise at Home

 To my stay at home Mom family and friends - here are some great tips to help you stay on track with your exercise program.

 7 Tips for Busy Moms: How to Exercise at Home

By on May 2, 2015
When it comes to stay-at-home or work-at-home moms, knowing how to exercise at home is often not just a matter of timing, but setting your environment, arranging something for your children while you are exercising, and planning out both warm-up and recovery routines. With so much thought required for home exercise, many moms do not take the time to exercise, even though they know the health benefits: physical, emotional and mental. 
With the issues faced by moms in mind, these 7 tips will help you take the time to exercise without undue stress:
1. Schedule – There is a reason the best classrooms have regular periods every day, predictable activities and more. There is also a reason kids complain any time a new teacher or substitute messes with the plan. Schedules are comforting and predictable, and ensure that life will have some structure to work around. When you are beginning a home exercise routine, it is important that it becomes a part of your regular schedule. If you have school age children, fit it in in the morning after they have gotten out to school. With younger children, exercise during nap times or quiet time. 
2. Set the Environment – In the busy living spaces we call home, there is rarely space to set up a complete exercise room. But, moms can set the environment by putting exercise materials out by some open floor space. Pick space which will not interfere with other family activities when you do your regular exercising. 
3. Set Your Goals – Exercise is an important part of healthy living, but the vague goal of “being healthy” is rarely enough to overcome the challenges to a regular home exercise routine. What motivates you to workout needs to be measurable (lose 30 pounds, run a marathon) and have a time frame. Without the motivation from a great goal, you will not overcome your natural inertia.

7 Tips for Busy Moms: How to Exercise at Home

4. Involve Others – As a parent, there are two groups of people who can help you exercise, free of charge. Friends and your family. Some moms don’t have enough time with their children, some don’t have enough time with their friends. Let that desire for fellowship push your daily activity. Whether it is planning that parent/child run your teenager has been begging you for, or taking a morning jog with a friend, the companion will inspire you to continue exercising, and vice-versa. With modern technology, you can not only connect with friends and family through home-based exercise routines, but also connect with nutrition and fitness coach on mobile computing devices. 
5. Regular Warm-Up and Cool-Down Routines – Often a big obstacle to in home workouts is the mental energy it takes to decide what to do. With regular stretching and warm-up routines at the beginning of your exercise, you will have time to calm down and focus on what your exercise goals are. With a regular cool-down routine, you will be able to take time to plan how to do the rest of your day, without stressing about how to cool down. Don’t forget that your cool-down and recovery program needs to include quick nutrition like a quality shake.
6. Plan Nutrition – From the cool-down recovery program to your regular meals and snacks, nutrition is a key part of any exercise planning system. Get rid of the sugary and fatty snacks: yogurt, nuts and fruit, and cheese are all healthy, easy alternatives to the candy and bagged goods (chips, pretzels, etc) which moms so often use. Our “101 Healthy Shake Recipes” is a great free resource for building your nutrition. 
7. Plan on Failing – Whether you are just starting home based exercise or are a pro, the secret to a great program is it makes you stretch. The important thing about stretch goals is you often don’t hit them. This is a positive thing: you can learn how to better plan, set more appropriate goals and gain better health. Do not beat yourself up when you do not hit your goals, when your exercise takes too much out of you or when family gets in the way. Rest, recuperate, learn, and get back in the saddle. 
An exercise at home routine is only one decision away, so why not start your work outs today?!99