Being Marge: Play the Giving Game - Reviewers Wanted

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Play the Giving Game - Reviewers Wanted

I'm looking for reviewers for my second book, 31 Days to Personal Mastery: Create Abundance Through Giving...Grow Yourself in Just One Month.

Post a comment if you're interested.

Here's the 31st tip.

#31 Get Real

You can find something nice to say about everyone you meet. Do they have a beautiful smile, a great laugh (like me!), impeccable taste in clothes, a distinctive piece of jewelry, or a solid handshake? What about the less tangible, for example, you heard they just led an important community project to completion, their child just won a school award, or they won the lead role in a local production.

Next, be sincere when you give your compliment.. Sincere means being real or honest, while an insincere compliment is false or affected and doesn’t put you in the giving flow. Giving someone a compliment doesn’t take anything away from you. It’s not about you, it’s about them. For example, if their child won a school award and yours didn’t, the person needs to feel that you aren’t just giving them a compliment as a matter of etiquette because it’s expected to show good sportsmanship. In this case, you need to separate your feelings of disappointment about your child not winning from your commitment to giving a heartfelt compliment to the winner.

You know if someone gives you a sincere compliment if they look you in the eye, give you a warm smile, are gracious in what they say, and give you a chance to respond with appreciation. They don’t wait to have the last word – that sets a false tone.

Look for occasions each day to give sincere compliments, use your body and spoken language to convey honesty and don’t expect any direct return from giving to others in this way. You will get a return but you can’t predict how and when. That’s the fun of playing the giving game!