Being Marge: iPhone

Friday, April 23, 2010


I'm now an official iPhone user! My Sprint contract finally ended so it was time to enter the Apple age. I love it!

My favorite features so far are the speaker phone, the built in camera, mobile e-mail and Web, and the intuitive interface. This is the best technology upgrade I've ever made!

So goodbye Sprint

and hello AT&T!

By the way, the folks at the ATMC store in Leland, NC could not have been nicer in helping me get my service transferred. Thanks Eddie and Ward!


  1. Marge, Ward and I and the rest of the ATMC Wireless are so happy to have you as our customer. Thank-you so much for your business and for your trust in us to provide you with world class customer service. As Bruce can tell you, we WILL take care of you!!! Please refer all of your friends and business contacts to us!!! Again, thanks. Eddie Hughes, ATMC Wireless

  2. Eddie,

    You can bet I will refer all my friends and business contacts to you guys!
    Thanks again for your great service! Marge