Being Marge: Fun Can Change Human Behavior for the Better

Friday, May 20, 2011

Fun Can Change Human Behavior for the Better

Fun can change human behavior for the better!

As I was editing my latest book this week, 31 Days to Transform Your Work into Play, I enjoyed rereading examples from Volkswagon's The Fun Theory Project (see the book excerpt below).

Another example of how fun can change human behavior is something I'm enjoying each day - Team Beachbody's online WOWY Gym. Just for working out each day, as a Club Member, I automatically get entered into a sweepstakes for daily and weekly prizes of cash ranging from $300 to $1000 and technology awards, such as DVD Players and iPads. When was the last time your gym entered your name in a sweepstakes just for working out each day? It's definitely a strong incentive to change human behavior for the better.

There are two ways you can enter Team Beachbody's daily sweepstakes. The first is to enter your name each day at this link.

The second way is to join the Beachbody Club and you're automatically entered each day as a club member. All you have to do is to log in your workout.

On the topic of fun changing human behavior for the better - enjoy this tip from my upcoming book!

31 Days to Transform Your Work into Play (excerpt)
# 18 - Learn from the Big Players
I saw an interesting Facebook post about a group of engineers who tackled the challenge of enticing pedestrians to use a set of wide stairs instead of a narrow escalator in the Odenplan subway station in Stockholm, Sweden. During an overnight project, the engineers transformed the traditional staircase into a set of musical stairs that function like a piano keyboard and play a different note as people put pressure on each step. Because they made exiting the subway station more fun, the engineers prompted 66% of the subway riders to get more exercise! They proved their theory that fun can change human behavior for the better.

This project is the brainchild of Volkswagen, which launched a Web site called The Fun Theory ( The purpose of The Fun Theory project is to elicit more ideas to change life for the better. A standout submission is the Speed Camera Lottery, an idea from an American named Kevin Richardson. Every car passing the speed camera in Stockholm has its speed and registration recorded. Drivers of cars exceeding the speed limit are fined and those abiding by the speed limit are entered into a lottery to receive cash prizes from the collected fines. During the first three days of the Speed Camera Lottery there was a 22% reduction in speed. This successful project changed human behavior for the better.

Look at your business for opportunities to both amuse your customers and change their behavior for the better.

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