Being Marge: Manifest Your Ideal Life - Tip #11

Monday, March 7, 2011

Manifest Your Ideal Life - Tip #11

#11 – Fear vs. Excitement: Similar yet Different

The bigger your dreams, the more apt you are to feel a combination of fear and excitement. It’s important to learn to distinguish between the polar opposite feelings of fear and excitement.

Maintaining positive feelings is a key to manifesting what you want. Negative feelings move you farther away from what you want.

Andrea Conway, one of my favorite coaches (, says “The purpose of fear is to show us we are focused in the wrong direction. Without fear to guide us, we could get seriously lost! Fear is your invitation to turn toward security.”

Once I saw a contemporary dance that depicted a young woman in the grasp of “Fear”. She was dressed like an angel and “Fear” was depicted as a dark violet mass that continuously tried to hold her in its grip. Ultimately she prevailed in casting “Fear” out of her space. You could sense her lightness and power at the end of the dance.

Pursuit of your ideal life will take you out of your comfort zone, which can cause fears to arise. If you let them paralyze you, you’re giving up your power to manifest your ideal life.

The next time you feel fear when you’re stepping toward what you want, consciously notice and convert it to excitement. You’ll instantly have more energy to move in the right direction.

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