Being Marge: How to Succeed as a Network Marketing Professional

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How to Succeed as a Network Marketing Professional

Network Marketing is not only here to stay, but it’s here to thrive in the next decade. The current economic conditions have created a perfect storm for unprecedented growth in network marketing businesses, according to Dr. Ray Jewell, founder and senior economist of Highview Management, Ltd.

We have had experience with network marketing in several companies. Here are six key lessons we’ve used to contribute to our success in this relationship-based business.

1. Commit to Personal Development
First, you must establish your “Why” or your big dream for deciding to grow a business with no or few limits. Find a heart-based, compassionate “why”, in order to grow your desire to help hundreds and thousands of people through your leadership.

Commit to reading books, listening to CDs, and watching videos related to personal growth and the network marketing industry. Keep strengthening your self-image as a professional network marketer, i.e. someone whose life is changing for the better and who has the opportunity to help others do the same.

2. Be a Product of Your Product
Whatever product you’re sharing through your network marketing business, be an avid, knowledgeable user of your product. The one caveat here is to not wait to begin prospecting until you know every detail of your product, company facts, and compensation plan. You’ll be most excited right at the beginning of your new venture, so start marketing your product and business opportunity.

Every word you say and thought you think about your company affects your belief in your success and your ability to share the power of your business opportunity to others, keep your thoughts and words about your company positive, even if you have to address an occasional glitch.

3. Be Coachable
The person who sponsored you is not responsible for your success in network marketing. Hopefully that person will be available to get you off the ground and flying in a matter of a few short weeks. Find other company leaders that resonate with you and listen to their training calls for a broader perspective.

No matter how much smarter you think you are than your sponsor and other company leaders, use only those methods that promote duplication. Set reasonable expectations for how long it could take you to achieve a certain team size or level of compensation. Typically, after a three to five year period of marketing, sponsoring, coaching, and leading others, you will enjoy a growing residual income stream.

4. Stay Plugged In
Network marketing company events drive business growth. Attend as many national, regional, and local events as possible. Stay tuned to online forums, video broadcasts, training conference calls, e-mail announcements, blogs, and three-way calls. You’re in business for yourself but not by yourself.

5. Focus on Activities, Not Results
Success in network marketing is more a matter of working consistently than working long hours. The presentation skills you develop in the beginning are the same ones you’ll use when you’ve grown a large team.

Once you start to sponsor others, do not try to manage anyone. Your job is to get folks started; you’re not responsible for their activities. You can only manage yourself.

6. Keep Meeting New People
If your network marketing business is in a slump, the best cure is to go out and meet more new people. That’s the lifeblood of any network marketing business.

Focus on building relationships and listening to people’s dreams, without prejudging. Look for ways to help people, get their contact information, and continue to follow up to educate them on your product and company. Your job is to share and sort people, not to sell or convince anyone. Network marketing is not for everyone; you are looking for the right people.

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