Being Marge: 2017 Product Launch Formula - Become an Online Entrepreneur

Friday, August 25, 2017

2017 Product Launch Formula - Become an Online Entrepreneur

Jeff Walker

I spent many years eyeing the potential of growing an internet business and making amateur attempts at doing so. Can you relate?

In November 2016, I finally took the plunge and invested in a top quality internet marketing program that promised to teach me a proven system to start and grow an internet business.

Through this program, I'm learning and applying the skills I need. I am feeling confident, happy, and grateful that we will be adding value to people's lives via our internet business for many years to come.

I would like to introduce you to the high quality program that has given us a proven road map to launch our internet marketing business. We're at the starting gate to serve our new clients via the internet and know we're on the right track to create a successful business.

You might have tried other programs and come up empty for your dream business. That can all change today!

The program is Jeff Walker's Product Launch Formula (PLF). PLF 2017 is launching SOON in SEPTEMBER.  Be one of the first to get notification of the 2017 PLF launch by joining my list.

Who is Jeff Walker?

Jeff is a husband, father, outdoorsman, New York Times best-selling author, entrepreneur, team leader, trainer, and a gifted internet marketer. He is the creator of Product Launch Formula, one of the best-selling internet marketing programs of all time.

Jeff has earned over $25 million by applying his formula himself. He is most proud, however, that in the past two decades his students have generated more than $500 million in revenue helping people around the world solve problems by sharing their expertise.

What is Product Launch Formula?

Jeff Walker launches his game-changing Product Launch Formula only once per year. It's essential training for anyone planning to launch their own business with existing or new products or services on the internet.

PLF is a proven, step-by-step process that includes a video training portal (it took me 6 months to study all the comprehensive videos!), email templates and scripts, sales letters, case studies, recorded/live coaching calls,a  Launch List course, a Product Creation Formula course, book launch course, Facebook community, and a three-day live event to find joint venture partners.

You'll learn through Jeff's case studies how his Product Launch Formula has helped all types of businesses become more successful through internet marketing. Success stories include dog trainers, tennis pros, knitting stores, herbalists, coaches of all types, authors, hair stylists, and course creators from a wide variety of interests.

You'll get invited to join a community of successful online entrepreneurs who want to help people in their respective niches solve problems. Along the way you are invited to set up your own mastermind of like-minded PLF students to help you stay focused on your own launch details.

I highly recommend Jeff Walker's PLF to anyone who wants a successful online business.

Why Should You Sign Up Through Me?

I have purchased other courses and marketing programs, and none of them came close to matching the depth and breadth of Jeff Walker's Product Launch Formula training. I believe it's the gold standard in the marketplace, and I'm confident you will, too!

Plus, for anyone who purchases PLF with my affiliate link, I will provide 4 hours of individual coaching calls to support you in your own startup. This is a $1,000 value, which you will receive for FREE!

I was introduced to Product Launch Formula by Ann Wilson, The Wealth Chef ( I had been following Ann's online success and absorbing her training on financial matters for more than two years. When she revealed that her teacher was Jeff Walker, I just had to learn more about PLF.

Since starting Jeff's training last November, my husband, Bruce, and I launched Adult ADHD Unplugged (www.adultadhdunplugged) with a new website, blog, email marketing, and upcoming online courses. We're even planning to serve a second niche online - freelance writers. It's been an exciting year for us to learn from Jeff and begin to apply his teaching to our new businesses.

I personally recommend becoming a professional online entrepreneur for these reasons:

1. Grow an Asset

Your most valuable asset in your internet marketing business is your email list. When you learn how to build an email list of people in a specific niche, you have the foundation of your business in place. You can develop and sell your own products and services for your niche. You can also offer others' products and services to the people on your email list. This is how you use your email list asset to expand your wealth with no cap on your income.

2. Help People Solve Problems

Once you understand the biggest problems of the people in your niche, you're in a position to help them solve those problems with your products and services. The better job you do of solving their problems, the more they know, like, and trust you and will continue to buy from you.

3. Use Your Expertise

Most people are drawn to helping people in a niche where they have some expertise to help their customers solve their problems. It's just common sense. You don't need a PhD to help others. You just have to be a few steps ahead and learn how to package what you know to help other people connect to the solutions they need.

4. Work From Anywhere You Have an Internet Connection

I'm an analyst and an introvert, so an internet business suits me. I work on designing my own ideal lifestyle every day and this business is perfect for my plans to co-locate. Most of the time I work from home, but I can easily take my business with me wherever I can connect to the internet.

5. Leverage Technology

I decided to take the PLF plunge in 2016 because I saw that internet marketing tools had become more user friendly and less disjointed. As I have acquired various internet marketing services to launch our business, that has proven to be the case. I'm not an engineer, and I don't want to be trying to operate complex systems that don't connect to each other just to run our internet business. Thankfully, through PLF I have found a few basic, user-friendly tools that do the job for us.

6. Hire a Virtual Team of Contractors, not Employees

After hiring employees to support our real estate team in 2004, I vowed I would never go through that again. Thankfully, there are contractors around the world who are set up to work with internet marketers as independent contractors. That's the only way I want to build a team going forward.

7. Stretch Your Creativity

Every day is a creative adventure with an internet marketing business. You find yourself always thinking about the people in the niche that you're serving. You'll get ideas to help them solve their problems with your own digital products, such as your blog, ebooks, online courses, podcasts, webinars, checklists, and special reports.

8. Make New Friends and Alliances

I now am in a mastermind group with three other online entrepreneurs from the PLF program. We each have different niches and we share ideas and strategies on a weekly basis. You'll also find that other online entrepreneurs in your own niche and related niches are interested in forming commission-based alliances to share your products with the people on their email lists and vice versa. That's how this industry works - people helping each other grow their assets.

9. Leverage Your Time - Make Money When You're Not Working

Once you get a digital foundation built for your business, the people in your niche can find your business on the internet and purchase your products and services on their time. Your sales don't depend on your presence. You do have to set up customer service systems and also get ongoing feedback from the people on your email list in order to ensure that you're offering products that solve their immediate problems.

10. Get an Ongoing Education in a Dynamic Industry

I'm never bored in my internet marketing business. Not only do the people in your niche have ever-changing needs but the technical tools, players, and trends are constantly changing. For example, podcasts are now becoming ubiquitous and blogging for paid ad revenue is becoming obsolete.

I would like to introduce you to the high quality program that is helping us launch our new internet marketing business. When you get on the notification list, you'll get to meet Jeff Walker through his 2017 PLF Launch videos. You'll learn a lot for free just by watching his own launch!

Are you ready to change your life and your business prospects today? Then open your mind and get on my list so you can learn all about Product Launch Formula from Jeff Walker himself in the next few days.

PLF 2017 is launching SOON in SEPTEMBER, so be one of the first to get notification by joining my list.

Disclaimer: Because I believe in the PLF course, I am a proud affiliate partner of Jeff Walker. If you invest in one of his programs in the future, I may receive a commission but at no extra cost to you.