Being Marge: Review: 21 Day Fix vs. Chalean Extreme

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Review: 21 Day Fix vs. Chalean Extreme

Here's a great article from one of my associates - find out for yourself which is a better program for you - 21 Day Fix or Chalean Extreme.

By Mel Batterman
The 21 Day Fix and Chalean Extreme fitness and nutrition programs are both high quality programs that will provide you with guaranteed results. The choice comes down to what fits your personal goals, needs, and ability to adhere to a 21 day program versus a 90 day program.
Each program provides you with fitness and nutrition that will bring the results you are looking for with a time frame that will work for you.  The 21 Day Fix is a nutrition and fitness program that makes losing weight simple with easy to follow portion control nutrition and 30 minute workouts.  Chalean Extreme is designed to help you shed weight easily through a 3-phase fitness and nutrition system over the course of 90 days.
Both programs are effective for weight loss and building lean muscle. The 21 Day Fix is quite simple.  You never have to count calories, points, or log your food.  You simply use the nutrition plan with the portion control containers and do one 30 minute workout a day.  Chalean Extreme also has a unique and effective plan that breaks the 90 days into 3 phases of progression to build optimal strength and endurance, while shedding fat.

21 Day Fix

Each program offers a unique process to bring the nutrition and fitness together for guaranteed results.  The 21 Day Fix Is the only fitness and nutrition program that truly combines a portion control nutrition system that is fool proof with world-class workouts that makes it simple and sustainable, which is why this program is often the right fit for those who are starting out for the very first time.  Chalean Extreme is unique because of the resistance cardio training that each workout offers.  This combined style of fitness allows for a greater fat loss, and increased lean muscle which burns a greater amount of fat when at rest.
Besides guaranteed results, both programs offer extreme value. The 21 Day Fix comes with the 21 Day Fix Eating Plan and portion control containers, the 21 Day Fix Start Here Guide, the 3 Day Quick Fix Guide, Six Workouts, and a Bonus Workout. There is also an Ultimate Kit which includes two additional workouts, an additional container for meals on the go, a resistance band, and an insulated tote bag.  Chalean Extreme comes with 15 workouts, Muscle Burns Fat Guide, Fat Burning Food Guide, Chalene’s Healthy Eats and Kitchen Makeover Video, Chalene’s Extreme Motivation Audio CD, Thigh Toner Band, and a Resistance Band.
The best part with both programs is that you can purchase them through a Beachbody Coach, and then have that person as your personal accountability coach.  They will help you stay committed, focused, and reach your goals.
When considering whether the 21 Day Fix or Chalean Extreme is right for you, you must consider the following.  Do you need a very precise nutrition plan like the 21 Day Fix offers? Can you adhere to 90 days versus 21 Days?  Do you want more resistance training combined with cardio like Chalean Extreme offers?  Do you want to stick to 30 minute workouts or are you good with workouts that range between 35-45 minutes?  When you consider these and other aspect of your life you will be able to commit to the program that is right for you.  Either way, both programs will provide you the results you have always wanted.