Being Marge: Get Attention with the Unexpected

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Get Attention with the Unexpected

At an Internet marketing seminar a business video expert taught that the most important ingredients in a business video that gets results are unexpected elements to jar the viewers’ attention. The presenter demonstrated with some comparisons of short videos where the first clip was a predictable presentation and the second clip contained unexpected sound and visual effects. The second video was more lively, entertaining, and kept our attention.

Here are two examples of getting attention with the unexpected in business settings.

First, at an Internet conference, a group of attendees word t-shirts advertising their affiliate partners who were attending the same conference. Internet marketers thrive on affiliate partnerships and they’re always looking for strong alliances. The folks who wore the testimonial t-shirts grabbed the attention of everyone they passed, they had a lot of fun as a result of their creativity, and they gave a big boost to their affiliate partners – all for about $12! They met a lot of new people themselves because it was easy to strike up a conversation with them.

Second, as an independent distributor for a network marketing company, I traveled to their corporate office after I achieved a first-level promotion. To my surprise, when our bus of advancing distributors arrived at the office, we were greeted by a live band and every single employee was applauding for us on the front steps. They had balloons decorating a beautiful spread of food and drink, a professional photographer, and even Miss California! This company certainly got my attention with the unexpected fanfare and recognition of their distributors.

Take the challenge to build the unexpected into your work to get noticed and improve your results.

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